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I'm just starting a thread to ask if anyone has used KBM Training and Recruitment before to gain work experience in accounting? Or has anyone has heard of them, got any advice, read anything about them etc. I've Googled them for reviews and most of them seem to be written by KBM themselves, which date back to 2013 and then theres a few around 2015 but nothing concrete. They claim to give you work experience that gives you a variety of skills that are needed for employment and after completion they help write your CV, use them as a reference, help find you a job and prepare you for interviews. All at a cost to you, not a cheap cost either.

I've nearly finished AAT level 4 but I have no experience which is how I've come across KBM.

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    The thing that stands out to me/sounds dubious is that they claim after their training that the "trainee" will be able to apply for certain jobs roles, some of them not particularly junior. No one is going to employ someone as an "Accounts Manager" from a 15 month training programme, unless they have the actual experience to go with it (in which case they probably wouldn't need the training anyway!)

    Maybe they are legit, but they seem to promise a lot
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