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I’m currently studying AAT Level 4 part-time with a view to changing my career. I could really do with some career guidance to help me decide what I want to do next and was wondering if there are any professionals specialising in AAT that could help me with this.

Many thanks,

Chris Woods, London.

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  • AAT_Team
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    Hi @Chris_Woods , we agree with @CSan89 our branches would be a great place to meet AAT professionals who would be able to offer more detailed advice, you can find your nearest branch here:

    Are you thinking about further study (Chartered for example) or more along the lines of how to progress in an accounting role?


  • MarieNoelle
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    @AAT_Team could AAT help?
  • Chris_Woods
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    Thanks everyone for your help.

    @AAT_Team - I am based in London and my nearest branch is in Barbican. Is it possible to just walk in to the branch or do I need to make an appointment? The only information listed on the branch page is an email address.
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