Help. No one will now take advanced learner loan

To say I’m really let down is an understatement . I started re skilling 2 or so years ago. Father of four and husband. Stood down from work to help care for my now deceased father . Hit me hard. Wife works at a school and I’ve been doing the school runs cooking looking after house and studying . I passed level3 with merit and used the advanced learner loan . Wanted to start own bookkeeping practice. Now go to take level 4, and no provider will accept the advanced learner loan, and I’ve emailed and spoke with AAT and all they can say is sorry we can’t help there. Without the leaner loan, I can’t afford the level. Family of 6, I’m trying to change things for the family , and now no one will accept government funding .and AAT who I pay yearly fees and exam fees to really don’t seem fussed in any way at all. Lady on phone at aat said to email it in as a complaint and someone higher up would see what’s going on. Nope, email back saying sorry , we can’t help. Surely someone knows why the big change ?? I’m now stuck with a 3 quarter finished qualification . Thanks AAT for your support I’m helping to solve this mystery . Waste of 2.5 years of my life .


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    To add this is for distance learning
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