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I am currently studying Level 4 and only have 1 exam left to take. I have been looking into the process for applying for full membership and I'm a little confused about when I can submit my application.
Most of what I have read states that I have to have completed level 4 before I can submit it but certain things I have seen make me think I can apply early.
So, first of all I saw something (possibly on facebook) that said that if I apply before I finish my studies I can save money on the fees. Wanting to find out more I went on the AAT website and all I could find was the following sentence under the paying your fees bit...
"If you’re applying for full membership while still a current student or affiliate, we will only charge you the full member rate from the date your subscription expires"
It doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere else though!
I only have a couple of months to wait until I've finished my studies but if I can submit my application early and save some money, I would really kick myself if I missed that opportunity!
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


  • davealucas
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    @ktucker1989 You can apply before you qualify and save on the fees (I did it). All you need to do is fill in your application as normal and provide your referee.

    You will get an email stating that you cannot have full membership until you qualify, but as soon as you do there is a very smooth transition from student membership to full membership overnight!

    The only thing is that you must qualify within 6 months of making your application, but with only one exam to go you are pretty much there.

    Go and do it, I am pleased I did.
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