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dumutrobadumutroba Posts: 265AAT Student, AATQB
Hello everyone,

I am currently finishing off AAT Level 4, previously done the level 2 and 3
My next step will be ACCA either via BSc degree or self study
In the past year I have been LinkedIn member and have found it quite useful to follow certain people and organisations that can help you assess where you at and how other people progress (what qualification, what experience) and thus helping you see what employers are looking for.
If someone out there is interested to expand their LinkedIn network and share their experience in progressing further in their studies/work I will be quite happy to connect to them
Likewise for anyone that this is of any interest please free to connect me at LinkedIn profile

AAT Level 2. 2018 Distinction
AAT Level 3. 2018 Distinction
AAT Level 4. 2019 FSLC 100% MABU 93% MADC 82% PDSY 80%
Xero Certified Advisor
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