Recommendations for a beard trimmer

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Hi Folks

I've recently started growing a beard and in the process of buying my first beard trimmer. The are lots around and don't know which one to buy.

I haven't used a trimmer before so I want one that is easy to use which also gives me minimum chance of 'messing it up'.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


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    I can't really recommend any particular models - I've only had 2 electric razors in the last 20-something years (I only replaced my first one 6 months ago! xD), but I will say that I recently discovered the joys of owning a cordless razor.

    Having a cordless, rechargeable model now makes it so much easier to get to those awkward-to-reach spots; I personally always found it difficult to shave/trim the left side of my face, because I'm right handed and can't really get a good grip on it left-handedly, and the cord always got in the way! :D
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  • geek84
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    Any further suggestions greatly appreciated.
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