Salary review taking longer than 15 months?

Around May last year, I discussed with my manager (owner of the business) about a review of my salary, which hasn't changed since I started at AAT level 3 and I gave him a figure that i felt was competitive for my experience and someone studying ACA.

I have asked probably every couple of months since if he has had the opportunity to review it and have pretty much been fobbed off with a "not yet". I had a late 6 month review, as needed with my training contract, and asked about the review and again got fobbed off with the same, " I'll try to get to it one day."

Annoyingly looking for another job isn't an option due to being in a training contract and apprenticeship.

What should I do?

I know i should be grateful for having a job and the long term prospects, etc, but I feel that I am being taken advantage of and not respected as an employee.
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    You are currently doing an apprenticeship? Then I don't think they will pay more than what they have to...When I was looking for my first job in Accountancy I remember I kept seeing Apprentice positions but the pay was ridiculously low that I didn't even bother applying for it.... Usually you end up doing similar tasks as someone who is already qualified but you are getting paid 3x less than they are... Also the company makes money because of government funding etc...

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