Optional units - worth doing first before other units?

Bran278Bran278 ManchesterRegistered Posts: 15
I just wondered, has anyone decided to do the two optional units first before the other four compulsory units?

My thinking being as they are not part of the synoptic, perhaps get them out the way first and then the others will be studied at least a little bit closer/prior to taking the synoptic?


  • Parki82Parki82 Registered Posts: 35
    That’s exactly what I did.
    My thinking being the same. I did personal tax and business tax, I too thought that as they weren’t part of the synoptic get them out of the way so to speak.
    I’m currently studying for the budgeting , then I’ll do decision and control then financial statements and synoptic.
    I really don’t think I could have faced having done the synoptic and then having to start two more units but having said that it worked for some people!
  • StudymeisterStudymeister Registered Posts: 2
    No, doing the mandatory ones with synoptic first in case there's a syllabus change again. AQ2016 is due for update. Then the first 3 and synoptic will be in the bag, won't have to retake, and only the 2 standalone ones left to do which can be done under a new syllabus.
  • Pian32Pian32 Registered Posts: 12
    Depends on the person. I did Financial statements then the optionals as they were more useful for work. In your situation (other post) if you think you can knock them out quickly I think it would be worth doing them so your not worried about the changes from FA18-FA19
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