FA18 v FA19 can you use old coursebooks to study?

Hi all,

I am confused about something and need help.

I have just hastily ordered a full set of secondhand AAT Level 4 coursebooks to use for studying.

However, my worry is that the Personal and Business books (both are FA18) will be redundant after December 2019, which is the time they are relevant for assessments.

Even the AAT websites study support section lists mock results for identical exams in FA18 and FA19 variations...

Does this mean my books will be useless to use for revision then? Will I be learning things that are irrelevant etc and can someone explain to me the main differences between FA18 and FA19??

Some reassurance that I can use all the books I've potentially wasted money on would be appreciated lol. :)




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    Personal and Business Tax books***
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    I had somthing similar when I did the Indirect Tax for level 3. It's generally bits of detail that change such as the allowances. You should be able to use the books you have and learn the differences. AAT has the reference tables available for example. I would be careful of any large changes that might not be in the reference information if you have a tutor they could probably advise about this in more detail.

    It also depends on when you sit the exam if done quickly you could be sitting it before the change in the exam happens.

    In my case I had a new book and sat the old exam and looked up the differences in advance but the general learning for method and style is the same.
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