Ruby Dale

I'm sitting this for the first time in November, and was just wondering if anyone has any notes that might be of help, or any ideas which topics they think extra revision should be focussed on based on the pre-release material. All and any help is very welcome, just worried I'm going to miss some vital information no matter how many times I read through it! :s


  • Pian32Pian32 Registered Posts: 33
    Some general things I found useful (more to do with technique than content).

    Do the computer marked questions first in all examples these are Tasks 1+5 you should be happy with general accounting rules and Ethics (Task 1) and ratios (Task 5) I'd then recommend Task 3 this is the find 5 weaknesses question which you'll have seen plenty of in the practices. After that most people find doing the written tasks in reverse order to be better (6 - 4 - 2) though that depends on your preference.

    Doing this means you can get the 'easy' single answer marks quickly and move onto the more detailed questions later.

    There are some really good analysis of the Ruby Dale content if you search the forum which i won't try to replicate here.

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