I am considering starting my own practice, but your love some advance on how to start e.g workshops,

It would be great to access a how to guide or workshop. I'm based in London. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I’ll contact my local job centre and see what’s on offer.


  • Duchess1
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    It may be worth check with the job centre, they should be aware of local training / funding available. I am in North Tyneside and the 'Business Factory' runs workshops which are helpful when starting your own business. They also give you access to funding (EU funding, so you may need to be quick) and access to a number of hours with a consultant who can give advice on sales & marketing, social media, payroll - whichever area you choose and need help with. Good luck.
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    AAT have ran various webinars previously about becoming your own boss, however I found the following link which may be of use:


    There is also a guide called "Be Your Own Boss" which outlines alot of key areas:


    I would recommend calling AAT and asking for their advice how to get setup and what is involved. They also run various Events up and down the country about starting your own practice - have a visit of the AAT events page on their website to see if there is anything coming up.
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