Starting AAT level 2

Hi everyone! So firstly I’m 25, I’m looking at doing AAT level 2, self study. I have zero finance back ground. I basically have stayed home with children. After school I went on to college and did a foundation degree. Neither is anything to do with finance. My questions are, am i too old to start my career in finance? Will my age go against me. I have always been passionate about finance, I just feel I was never in a position until now to carry it forward. Also after level 2 would I be able to find a entry level job. I’m currently home with my 9 month old baby. The husband goes out to work and supports us, he’s very old fashioned. But I know I need more to my life I was never going to be a stay home mum. I have far too much drive. Any advice or anyone who was or is in a similar position to me, I would love to hear your story’s! Thank you
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