How long did it take you to complete level 2?

I am just wondering how long it took everyone to complete level 2? I am studying with ICS and have been really struggling to follow their material. I bought a couple of Kaplan books and they have really helped. Bit annoying as they were 14-15 books so not up to date, but it was explained so much better than ICS. I find that ICS jumps from one thing to another without explanation and the videos do not tie in with what we are working on. I have decided to just use the books and then do the assessments on ICS. Has anyone had the same issues? I am worried this is going to take me too long as I am sort of starting all over again with the books.


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    I studied my AAT though accountancy learning (you get some extra resources and a tutor but is mostly self study) and Level 2 took me a year due to other things going on. I learnt almost entirely from the online resources accountancy learning provided (level 2) and the osborne books (levels 3+4). You shouldn't have to start again as if you've done any exams they'll already be in the bag so to speak.

    Level 3 took a year as I was looking for a work in accounting and didn't want to end up overqualified with no experience and Level 4 took me about 6 months.

    Is there a specific area you don't feel you understand as if you post it here I'm sure people will help.
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    I studied with ICS for level 2 and 3, level 2 took around 5 months and level 3 around 6 months to complete though I found the ICS end of topic quizzes a bit farcical at times, marking down correct answers and poorly worded questions. I’ve opted to study level 4 with no training provider, here’s hoping it doesn’t come back to bite me!
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    I studied Levels 2 and 3 at my local college; each course was structured to take approximately 6 months, so it wasn't really possible to go any faster. Level 4 took a year (plus most of another year to do my Internal Controls project 'cos I was slow off the mark due to health issues and thankfully got an extension).

    Currently doing ACCA level 6 (the F-papers) and expect them to be finished in 18 months, and the P-papers in another year. xD
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