Charity Accounting Software - Considering Sage to Xero switch

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Hi, I work for a 1.5m charity and we currently use Sage. I feel that Sage doesn't really meet our needs anymore so we are considering switching to Xero. Primarily we have a lot of budget holders scattered throughout the country and having a cloud based, semi automated, user friendly system would be better for us. I know that Sage is cloud based but I've found it really struggles with the fund accounting element (says it works but it doesn't really) and to move to Sage 50C would potentially need as much work as moving to Xero so I'm considering a fresh clean start (that is far cheaper) might be easier.

Essentially I am looking for comments and advice from anyone who uses Xero Not For Profit. Does it work well for you and would you recommend it?


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    A lot of friends in the charity sector like using the accounting software quickbooks. It enables you to be quite versatile with the chart of accounts and specify the accounts similar to the layout in your SOFA. A friend of mine is a charity specialist

    Shahida Siddique. The company name is please call her for a second opinion on softwares.
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    Thank you Buhir_the_bookkeeper I have used Quickbooks previously and actually didn't like it. It is specifically Xero I am interested in.
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