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Hi everyone, I'm studying level 2 at the moment, really enjoying it. I've got a question about jobs. I've got an inner ear condition which makes my ears sensitive, and phone calls hurt my ears and leave me dizzy. I can do the odd short on, if it's on loudspeaker, about 3 minutes, but it's always loudspeaker since the proximity to my ear with a phone hurts.

I'm really hoping to get into the field of accountancy and am looking to get my first related job, and I've seen a couple of posts here before about people who are deaf becoming an accountant. I do have mild hearing loss with the ear condition, but it's the pain and dizziness that is the problem. I know that some forms of accountancy use lots of phone calls, to ask clients about disputes and assist them with queries, an I'm a bit worried about applying for entry level jobs in case they want someone who will be using the phone a lot, or even daily.

I could use a text phone, or possibly loudspeaker, so I could have it away from my ear, but I know that most office environments would might not accept that due to confidentiality.

My question basically is, does anyone have any personal experience of this, and could anyone recommend any specific job titles or accountancy avenues, or even office jobs that would give me admin experience, where phone calls aren't part of the job, that I can apply for?

I've been thinking to myself that of course there just be some types of office jobs that don't require it, and seeing posts about people who are deaf, setting up their own practises successfully, communicating by email etc, really inspired me, but I'm wondering how you get your first job in the field this way!

Also, if anyone thinks that this really isn't the field for me, and I'm going to struggle to find positions without phone work, then I'd like to know, so I'm not kidding myself that it will be a career route suited for me!

Thank you


  • Duchess1
    Duchess1 MAAT Posts: 86
    I just finished 6 weeks as purchase ledger clerk... I think I got 2 phone calls per day. Somehow I don't think it'll be a big problem. Good luck,
  • OspreyCosmos
    OspreyCosmos Registered Posts: 7
    Thank you :)
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