Does anybody have tips for this module?

Hiya. This is my second time round taking the test!
I understand the online mocks fine, but that’s because I have gone over them so many times!
I remember I got really stuck in the test in May. I cannot get my head around the different T ledgers & debits and credits. Does anyone have any tips please!!


  • mcchoc
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    Assets and Expenses are Debits. Capital, Liabilities and Income are Credits. Only Assets are real - the rest are measuring change in Capital (up with Income, down with Expense) and how much of our Asset value is owed to third parties. I'd recommend you go back to basics and use BPP books.
  • milescpareview
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    Getting back to concepts will help you big time to understand the different T ledgers. Start with the 3 golden rules of accounting (for real, nominal and personal accounts). Learning these rules and being able to pass journals with them is all you need. Once you get it right, all you have to do is post these journals in the right ledger accounts.
  • KoopaCooper
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    The hardest thing to get right is the basics. I was told that by my AAT tutor when I started level 2, and it's still just as true for me 5 years later...!

    Make sure you've got an excellent grasp of Debits and Credits, as well as DEAD CLIC = Debit Expenses, Assets, and Drawings; Credit Liabilities, Income, and Capital. That'll stand you in a pretty good stead for the exam. :)

    Also as a handy printable image on the AAT website:
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