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Hello everyone, I have a couple questions about Xero. I currently have a new job (working from home Friday) and the boss of the company is not very forthcoming on giving me instructions or information. He has a lot of customers that owe money (as does he) and has asked me to send out invoices. Which is so far fine. I go into invoices, then click on, outstanding payments. I then press email, to send invoice by email. I have a couple of questions regarding this, 1. The email template says 'view & pay your bill on line (online invoice link)' Do I have to put the link, myself in those brackets or is that the link? 2. is it best to tick the PDF attachment or is it best not to, so they can pay online?

I have emailed the company boss, but it seems to be taking ages for him to get back to me, & I dont want to be working during my Friday evening! Thanks in advance.

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