CBT 2 - so stuck on question 1!

Someone else has asked this exact question but there were no replies. I’m so stuck. We have a missing figure to find (cash purchases) so we are writing up the t account for the bank to find the missing figure. The balance brought down is £3283 credit side then I’ve put all the transactions in the right place. But the closing bank figure is £1568 Dr. So I’m putting it on the debit side but on the answer it’s on the credit side. My brain is fried with trying to work it out. Please can anyone help?


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    It can be useful to post the question. As people who aren't student members any more can't view the CBT's to help answer.
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    As above...don't now if this helps but when you/re looking at the t account for the bank, it's the opposite way around..?
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    @AngelaM1973 - if the closing balance is on the debit side, then you need to first create a balancing entry on the credit side, so the two halves of the T-account balance at month end. Here's one below that I found through Google Imagesearch.

    So here, if you're going through everything absolutely step-by-step, then at month-end you would balance off the two sides of the account; each side must have in this case $200k. Therefore, you need a balancing entry "Balance c/d $176,100Cr". Each side totals to $200k, and then the next month opens with "Balance b/d $176,100".

    In your example from the CBT, the month-end procedure creates an entry "Bal c/d £1,568Cr", which levels off both sides of the T-account, and the next month opens with it as "Bal b/d £1,568Dr".

    I hope this is reasonably clear and helpful? :)
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