Life After AAT

Hello everyone,
Just wondering what everyone’s plans are for after AAT?
Or anyone that has already progressed further.. which route did you take and what made you take that route?

Very stuck between what to do next.


  • amurray
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    Hi JK,

    I'm looking at going down the CIMA route, and if all goes well hope to start in the new year. Just awaiting my last Level 4 exam result which is due in January.

    My main reasons for going down the CIMA route are that I work in Industry and wish to remain this side of Accountancy, as this is where my interests lie. Also I enjoy working within the one company or a group of companies. I like the forward thinking, commercial approach, looking at forecasting, budgeting and the businesses future opposed to the financial compliance, tax regulations, audit etc.

    Although I have chosen to explore the CIMA route, there was quite a long thought process of other options, i.e. ACCA. I have colleagues who have done both routes and can recommend them both.

    I think it falls down to what your interests are, where you see your career going and what you currently do as your job, i.e. are you based in Industry or are you within an Accountancy practice?
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  • KoopaCooper
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    After finishing my AAT, the first thing I did was take a year off to concentrate on my work and my Scouting...and then during that time I ended up becoming the new leader of the whole Group, which suddenly means doing a lot more. xD

    But then, as I had planned, I began studying for my ACCA - I want to become fully chartered, perhaps look for a role in a larger company with more chance to progress, or go into public sector/the civil service. The money of course has some importance, but I also would like to get a range of experience if possible. :)

    And once I've finished my ACCA, I'm gonna use that free time to take up a hobby; what I'd really like to do is go back to competitive ballroom dancing like I did in my youth. :D
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