Charging client for accounting software

peter4run AATQB Posts: 9
Hi all. Accounting software, usually cloud based, is widely used.
My question is how you can you charge a client for the purchase of an accounting software, it is right and fair? As the software is an expensive tool to do your job, is it right to ask the client to pay for this?
On the other hand, you bought an accounting software to do your job, it is good practice to let your client use it (uploading receipts for example?)
Can somebody explain hoe it works? Many thanks


  • Caspar1
    Caspar1 FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 31
    Before MTD, I have always included an annual amount within the fee to cover the cost of my accounts software, which is split across the customer base that I used it for, as part of their annual accounts production fee (just built into one figure as my set fee).

    Now that MTD has come out, I spoke in advance to clients, regarding the book keeping software that is now needed (I do most of the work in my office for them), and increased their fee accordingly with a separate invoice saying 'MTD fee.' Everyone accepted and understood that there would be a cost involved.

    I use Sage for clients where only I process the VAT and books for, and Xero for the clients who want to input their own sales side of things or upload receipts (we can both log in separately to this and I can limit how much of it they can see/use). In both situations, I have an accountants package with Sage and Xero whereby I am billed monthly and am permitted to have a certain number of clients within each, and I bill the clients monthly (which they have set up as a standing order).
  • peter4run
    peter4run AATQB Posts: 9
    Many thanks Caspar1
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