Can a pro please help? Salary and on cost calculation

dannf1 Registered, AAT Student Posts: 4
Dear All

I need some help with what is probably a straightforward calculation.

We have a number of positions to recuit to that are eligible for grant funding up to a maximum amount that we can reclaim of £55,670. This is the gross sum we can reclaim as a maxium which includes salaries.

I need to work out the £55,670 in reverse so that we offer the correct gross salary that with salary plus on costs it equals £55,670 on the nose.

Our employer pension contribution rate is 14.38%.

National Insurance threshold is £8632 of which we pay 13.8% thereafter.

Can someone please help me with the calculation to offer the maximum possible, so that with additional oncosts we arrive at the figure of £55,670. Thank you.
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