A gap in my knowledge - help needed

Creating a holding company/restructure existing companies to be subsidiaries. Form a VAT group reclaim VAT as a holding company. I've spent hours researching this and have received advice from the Icroner helpline. I'm afraid that I may be missing a step which could prove to be disaterous and expensive..
I have advised client its not my area of expertise but they are pushing me .. they dont want to go elsewhere even if I think they may be outgrowing my small practice.. So I need to 'buy in' some professional help, run the clients proposals past someone more experienced than me... Can anyone recommend anyone suitable or volunteer.? I'm not a complete novice I've been an MIP & FMAAT for many years just feeling a little out of my depth with this one? Thanks in anticipation...

I also need to find some good quality CPD material on this subject!
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