How to enter manual journal in Xero for Statutory Maternity Recovery

taniaonisor MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 12
Hello ,

I need some help,please,in Xero.
It is first time dealing with Statutory Maternity Pay for a Clint's Employee.
I need to post a Manual Journal in Xero for Statutory Recovery,and I have read it about ,get in touch with Xero,but they can't advise which entry for DR,which for CR. Still confused how to do it, what to Debit ,what to credits I am new to Xero.If anyone can help,please.Thank you in advance.

Tania Filipas MAAT


  • amurray
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    Hi Tania,

    I've ran payroll on Xero for quite some time now, and have just finishing payrolling an employees SMP as they have now returned to work again. As the monthly payroll journal post itself which included the element of SMP & NI to be reclaimed you would not need to raise a manual journal.

    Have you not got automatic journals turned on? - as far as I knew payroll always posted the payroll journals automatically, therefore I wouldn't have thought there would be a need to enter a manual payroll journal.

    I can only recommend checking out the Xero Central HQ help webpages, they are full of quite useful tools, and someone may have raised a comment on there about this or Xero may have published an article.

    Hope this helps in someway.
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  • taniaonisor
    taniaonisor MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 12
    Hi Ammuray,
    Thank you for your Replay.
    The reason why I am aking for help,is I have been told by Xero Support for SMP recovery,as it will not be done Authomatically,as for Employer allowance,I need to post manual journal,and I don't know exactly what/which goes to DR,and what/which goes to CR.Siily msybe,but completley lost,as Xero and SMP being new for me.They cannot advise on that,they advise to read,but not able to find the answer yet.
    Maybe somoene can help.
    Thank you in advance.

    Tania Filipas MAAT
  • cl232
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    Dear Tania,

    Did you ever sorted your query above?

    I have exactly the same problem and Xero has been useless helping me.

    I think I have decided that the best way to do it is to create a Current Liability code (it will be negative but I still want it to be together with all the other accounts that are obvious -ie PAYE Payable and NIC Payable- when running the payroll) and then do a Manual Journal to credit that account BUT I have no idea which account to debit. ie Where does Xero Payroll puts the statutory recoveries when one runs the payroll function??

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

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