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Which software do you use for bookkeeping and filing online in your 2020 Practice?

keepTABkeepTAB Registered Posts: 2
Hi All Practitioners working remotely these days! Anyone of licensed accountants here that is using a serverless hosted service! Your suggestions on how to install on a network, to be able to share and collaborate with my team? is google drive any good? if i use Google Drive, how much TB terabytes do I need to run bookkeping software (VT+), store correspondence? or if there any other idea to have a hosted service, I really appreciate it? Anyone using VT or Moneysoft PM?
When filing taxes, whoch software do you use?
Your suggestions or current software that you use for storage/sharing and service access from everywhere, would be helpful to choose best set up in 2020?


  • Buhir_the_BookkeeperBuhir_the_Bookkeeper Cardiff & BristolRegistered Posts: 34
    In relation to online accounting & bookkeeping it is best to use a number of different cloud software’s that tend to link well together.
    in relation to cloud data storage the common ones that work well are drop box, Google Drive, and Microsoft SharePoint,
    To collaborate with numerous team members off site drop box works well with Trello and slack, Microsoft SharePoint works well with Microsoft Teams.
    In relation to video conferencing Google Hangouts and zoom are the current go to software’s in the market.
    In relation to cloud bookkeeping software Xero, QuickBooks, freeagent and sage are all well know.
    Sage seems to be the cheapest now, yet Xero seems to be the most preferred
    Alongside the cloud bookkeeping software, it is very important to install and start using receipt invoice and data capture software. The three leaders in the market are hub doc which comes with Xero, Receipt bank and AutoEntry. These are a must as they save numerous amounts of time and automate the data entry process.
    In relation to tax Software’s Tax calc and Tax filer have a good reputation
    In relation to accounts preparation Tax filer, Iris, Sage VT & CCH are well know.
    In relation to practice management suites. Accountancy manager & SENTA have a great reputation
    For financial reporting and analytics, Xavier, Syft and Zoho & Futrli
    For Proposals, Letter of engagement & pricing software – Practice ignition, GoProposal & Cloud Pricing.
    Lots more to discuss. If you need further advice & guidance on cloud & online accounting, please contact total books.
  • djydja01djydja01 Registered Posts: 6
    Xavier and Zoho
  • BrNorton007BrNorton007 Registered Posts: 11
    edited April 14
    Thanks for the information. I saved my stuff on Google Drive. But due to failures, some of the materials were removed. Somehow I found Movavi Blog and found out which software to choose for storing my files. Thanks to this, I learned how to upload my videos and photos to Android and all the information is always with me.
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