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**GREAT NEWS FOR AAT LEARNERS WAITING TO SIT AAT ASSESSMENTS** - For a limited period only, students will be able to claim 'recognised prior learning' for any units (excluding synoptic assessments, units that are only assessed as part of a synoptic assessment, and single unit qualifications) to a maximum of 50% of the qualification. This standard restriction will be re-applied when the assessments are reinstated. PM me with your email address and I can send you the guide I have downloaded from AAT.


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    Hello , Finally !! I’ve been so stressed as I need this for my uni place. I pm you :)
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    The 50% recognised prior learning is only for the level 2 qualification

    Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting - 30 Nov 18
    Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting - 16 Oct 19
    Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting - 22 Jul 21
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    Yes I think it is only level 2 :( literally gonna hold me back an entire year because I won’t get my uni place
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    AAT to calculate results for two Level 2 qualifications

    AAT has been in regular discussion with Ofqual over the past few weeks, to establish an agreed approach to providing outcomes for our qualifications in line with the recent announcement to develop an “extraordinary regulatory framework” to deliver results for regulated vocational and technical qualifications.

    Following these discussions, we have agreed that AAT will calculate results for students who could reasonably have been expected to complete the following qualifications this summer:

    Foundation Certificate in Accounting – Level 2
    Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business – Level 2.

    Calculated results will be issued on 13 August 2020.

    AAT will contact all training providers with students that are eligible for calculated results shortly.
    Method of calculating results for the Level 2 Certificate and Diploma

    AAT will calculate a percentage mark for the Foundation Synoptic Assessment (FSYA) only for any student who has already successfully completed the first three units which contribute to the assessed content of the synoptic:

    Bookkeeping Transactions (BTRN)
    Bookkeeping Controls (BKCL)
    Elements of Costing (ELCO).

    The calculation will be based on students’ performance in the contributing units, taking into consideration the performance of previous student cohorts. All calculated results will be based on the same formula.

    The mark generated for FSYA will then be used to generate an overall qualification grade, providing the student has also completed Using Accounting Software (UACS).

    For students who still need to complete UACS or the additional units within the Diploma, recognition of prior learning (RPL) may be used, up to a maximum of 50% of the qualification (not including synoptic assessment).

    The danger with all this is that employers look at a 2020 Level 2 qualification and say 'you were the covid year', 'you didn't have to take the exam' and so on; exactly what GCSE and 'A' Level students will have to live with. Also, being awarded a Level 2 qualification without having taken the synoptic exam will be disadvantageous when it comes to undertaking the Level 3 exam.

    However, along with the rest of the students in my college class, I was due to take the Elements of Costing (ELCO) exam during the final week of the Spring Term, but it was cancelled by the AAT, so the above won't help any of us. The AAT need to confirm that the results for the assessments which were undertaken: Bookkeeping Transactions (BTRN), Bookkeeping Controls (BKCL) and Using Accounting Software (UACS) can be carried forward.

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    I wonder if we will be able to sit more exams in September maybe,I just started AAT level 2 and had only bookkeeping transaction assessments done.now seems like this virus will ruin all my plans to have my level 2, done by October.?‍♀️
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    I just thought I would share this on the forums in case you find it useful...
    EMA Training ( based in Derby City Centre, DE1 2PW ) are opening 6 days a week during July 2020 to support with the AAT assessment sittings, please read :


    for more info please contact us via email ? You can also follow us on facebook and LinkedIn @EMATrainingLTD
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