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talha166ac Registered Posts: 6
Personally I think it is extremely disappointing as they’ve left people studying level 3/4 nowhere yet given level 2 everything . I think they should offer remote assessments a lot earlier like other qualifications have or they should be using Recognition of previous learning (RPL) to calculate units up to 50% of the qualification excluding synoptic . Then people could sit synoptic and cover everything and get the qualification they need to progress in time .

I need AAT level 3 to progress to university in September which will not be happening now as there only offering 3 exams to be sat remotely in August when I need to complete the qualification by August . What are your thoughts


  • thelowendtheory18
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    It's been a farce IMO.
    . not good enough....... CIMA remote exams was avaliable a week or so back ACCA will be ready in June

    Now AAT will only be ready for remote exams in AUGUST and with limited exams for For level 3 &4 ... I'm studying level 4 and for me personally this update does not help me one bit..... ive only completed 2 exams so not ready to sit synoptic yet...... So when will the other exams be available remotely???. by which point I suspect normal exams centres will have reopened


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  • Neillaw
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    I would speak to the University, I'm guessing your not the only one in this situation and they will have put some resources into this matter.
    As you may appreciate AAT have been putting time and effort into different areas such as the Furlugh and SEISS schemes which is providing much needed clarity and information for us licenced members who are getting the sharp end from clients due to having no income to pay bills.
    I'm sure AAT will provide some guidance on this matter shortly.
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