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Hello, looking for a bit of general advice as a lot of information to sieve through.

I started AAT Accounting level 2 back in 2014 with Home Learning College but due to commitments with work and personal life never actually managed to book myself onto an assessment and gave up.

Now things are a bit more stable in those areas I feel now is the time to give it another go. Also provides a bit of focus when there’s very little we can focus on other than work etc. However I have a few questions:

- is it worth starting AAT just now with the pause in assessments? Should I go for it and try at least get level 2 done?

- didn’t really enjoy my experience with Home Learning College so would prefer to self study (have a degree in another discipline so no stranger to self directed learning). Which of the self learning materials/books (Osbourne/Kaplan/BPP)are better for learning and why?

- Also heard the new syllabus is out soon, AQ2021 and spotted on BPP that AQ2016 books are effectively discontinued after August 2020 (if I’ve read into that right)? Should I wait until the new Syllabus starts?

Sorry loads of questions, grateful for the advice in advance.

Many thanks


  • fedemenni
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    hello there,

    I think starting/continuing a qualification like AAT is always good. I was stuck with my professional level for 3 years and finally finished it. It is well worth it.

    I started from level 2 and I found it pretty easy for me but I have background in accounting, if you don't I would suggest to start from level 2 because level 3 and 4 would be based on level 2. If you don't get level 2 right it might be more difficult to study for level 3 and 4.

    I have always used Kaplan and I liked it a lot- lots of video available on their portal too but I mostly attended online classrooms or college.

    Re new syllabus - I have looked at it up because I didn't hear about it before - being AQ2021 I think the books will discontinue from August 2021 like FI explains here:

    Hope this helps you
  • Ph4rm88
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    Thanks for the advice.

    No my background is in healthcare so accounting/business is completely new to me. Idea is to be freelance/set up own business once I become qualified.

    Good to know about the syllabus. Had a look at BPP and noticed their materials only cover exams between ‘September 2019 + August 2020’.

    Do most providers update their study materials annually?
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    I really think it is worth pursuing, especially if you are still pondering - it shows your true interest still !!

    I am 20 years old and have started a new apprenticeship studying AAT Levels 2/3 during the coronavirus pandemic!! I work for and learn with a company called EMA Training, based in Derby City Centre, and they are brilliant!! We are currently in the process of booking in exams for July 2020 to support any external learners who want to take exams asap.

    I've always told myself to never let a bad experience put you off anything - after years of working in retail and hospitality I kind of have to stick to this, and I believe even if you are even the slightest bit interested it's worth continuing on with it.

    EMA Training ( based in Derby City Centre, DE1 2PW ) are opening 6 days a week during July 2020 to support with the AAT assessment sittings, please read :

    for more info please pm me or you could email/phone us via our website? I hope this is helpful.
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