Premiere Training or First Intuition? (Distance Learning)

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I am looking at changing my career at 35. I have a job with the civil service as an Administrator (zero hours), and no experience of working in accounts. As I am not able to go back to work at the moment, and won't be able to for a while, I have been seriously thinking about whether I want to do what I do for the rest of my life. I don't.

I want to start with AAT Level 2, but classroom study does not seem like an option at the moment. Self study makes me nervous. And everytime I apply for an apprenticeship the answer always comes back no because of the current situation.

I could wait to see whether restrictions will lift by September, as my local college has given me a conditional offer. Or I can give the online option a try. Although I am not sure if it is possible with not much experience in accounts.

After some research, I have narrowed down my choices to these two: Premiere Training and First Intuition? Do any of you have any experiences with these?


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    Hi Rish,

    Great to see you wish to study for an AAT qualification.

    It is absolutely possible to self study without any experience in accounts! - You have a couple of options, you can buy the books and self-study without support or you can become a distance learning student of a college with support.
    My advice would be to contact a training provider and see if you can get a demo/trial of their online materials/lectures and resources so you can get a feel of how they operate and their materials before enrolling.

    I studied with First Intuition Distance Learning, and I can honestly say they were a godsend for me. I first enrolled back in 2018 studying my Level 4. I wish I had found them for my Levels 2 & 3. Nothing was ever too much trouble, they were such a fantastic support, the tutors are amazing, the materials superb, from enrolment to completing my AAT (just recently), First Intuition were by my side. I never felt isolated when distance learning and never felt that I was going at this alone. I can highly say this distance learning college really want to see their students succeed. They always have good discounts on their online courses too. *No I am not on commission with FI, just one happy student!! :)

    I cannot comment on Premier Training as I haven't studied with them, although I have colleagues who have and they have said that Premier were again fantastic with good materials.

    Maybe make enquiries with both, not just to see what prices/packages they offer, but to get a feel for their support they can offer you and taste of their materials. As mentioned I know some online colleges offer a demo/materials so you can see how they operate (FI sent me some taster materials before I enrolled).

    Let us know how you get on! :)
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