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Hi everyone.
Can anyone kindly help me I am currently doing my ICB Bookkeeping level 2 (at the final exam now). I want to become a AAT bookkeeper but I can't seem to find work. I'm 28years old and they either want 16 year old, or you must have experience and I'm certainly a visual learner and learn best by doing the work.
Can anyone maybe give me advice?
I don't know how the AAT schools work either do you study by time frame or subject by subject?


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    AAT is subject by subject. If you choose to self study then you can go at your own pace. You will probably find more luck with work once you've completed your level 2 AAT. I was an apprentice in my organisation and after completing my level 2, I applied for a job at BMW as an accounts assistant and was successful however turned it down due to internal promotion. I know you said you want to become a bookkeeper, but it just shows that as AAT is such a highly recognised qualification, you will probably find more companies willing to take you on once you have completed this, rather than trying to get a job where they will pay for your AAT as unfortunately a lot of the unexperienced positions are aimed at apprentices.
    The government did announce though that they are trying to make more jobs available in the form of traineeships for older people and so with the new schemes, you may find more luck.

    Good luck with your job search. :)
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    The other option which I used is to find a local firm you could get some work experience from in the relevant area. I asked for this from an accounts firm early in my L3 and have ended up fully employed and started my ACCA at the same place. The willingness to give up some time can be very highly regarded among employers. I was 28 at the time.
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