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Twilight FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1
I’m struggling to find a person who can act as continuity of cover for my practice. Weird scenario really - I have an employee that would take over if anything were to happen but he doesn’t want to get a practicing certificate just for the sake of it. He can get this if anything were to happen. So I only really need someone as a name only

Any help will be fab thank you


  • ClaudiaD
    ClaudiaD Registered Posts: 2
    Hello Twilight,

    I am applying for the AAT Accounting License and need to sort out continuity of practice agreement as well.

    Let me know if your offer is still available and I would gladly liaise with you.
    [email protected]

    Kind Regards,
  • Compacc
    Compacc Registered Posts: 2
    Continuity cover needed preferably in North Wales or Chester area, you should have your license AAT in practice sorted.
    We can cover each other, please email [email protected]
  • ClaudiaD
    ClaudiaD Registered Posts: 2
    I am based in Essex, Southend On Sea. Let me know if its suitable. Thanks
  • 634
    634 Registered, FMAAT Posts: 6
    Dear All,

    I am in the process of applying for my licence and now searching out a licenced / qualified and authorised practitioner to ensure the continuity of practice and the provision of services.

    I am based in Mid-Kent. Is there anyone that might be interested?


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