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in the previous year, I asked my accountant to start PAYE for my LTD company and put myself as the only employee which they did. Four months later I fired them for incompetence. Recently (a year later) I realized that through all past months they were submitting FPS on the last day of every month on my behalve with my income, and they still do it. They set it in their automated system and forget about it. I contacted them and it looks like they sorted the previous year, but I still have their records in the current tax year in my HMRC web panel.

During that time I was submitting FPS by myself, so it turns out there are duplicated records in HMRC now for current year.

I contacted HMRC but they didn't have any advice for me other than to contact my former accountant.

Is there a way to remove their records or turn them into 0 or to remove the one I send or turn them into 0?

Thank you


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    If you using software, you can roll back the current submission and resubmit RTI with nil value. In your scenario, I think your previous accountant have to do it as they will not be processing it any further payroll for you but If you do it on your part it will mess you the pay total for following months etc.

    S K Punia Accountant

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