Changing from Sage 50 to Xero

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I currently work at an independent school which is a registered charity and we are looking to change from Sage 50 accounts and payroll to Xero. Is there anyone there who works at a school who has done this and if so, how did the process go and were there any issues regarding compatabilies with other systems in place and also were there any issues with the nominal link which is used on Sag payroll?


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    let me know if someone will help you
    im in simillar situation
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    Hi As a local payroll specialist in Cardiff I would recommend speaking to both software providers. Before making the switch to see if the files are compatible.

    Also, it's much better to do a payroll switch at year-end start March/ APr then you have no crossover for mid-year figures. I hope that helps.

    If not you can download a P11 from Sage and do a mid-year start in Xero and manually upload all the info.
    Why not look into Moneysoft & Brightpay they are much better than Xero Payroll and at month-end just upload the journals into Xero?
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