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So a old customer of mine in a different trade has a ltd company ticking over, her accountant unfortunately passed away and had no one to pick up the return so in a bit of a panic last year I submitted the micro entity set of accounts.
Thinking about it now I am not sure I did the shares correctly, the prior year had no separate line on the accounts for shares, but I guess it could have been included elsewhere?!
So I copied this year and didn't put any shares through, but a limited company has to have shares doesn't it? So I think I need to send a set of amended accounts to Companies House, but how do I do this, I cannot find a template, can I do it on excel in the same format and send these?
What transaction in QB do I need to do to show the shares as they are not a issue, they may have been there the whole time?



  • AndrewG
    AndrewG MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 6
    A limited company doesn't have to have shares if it is limited by guarantee. This would be unusual but not unheard of for a normal trading company. The articles of association on Companies House will tell you whether it is a company limited by shares or guarantee.
    I beleive I am still correct in saying that Companies House still requires amended accounts to be submitted on paper.
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