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As a training manager, it’s hard for me to schedule training courses for my fellow co-workers. A friend suggested this training management software, and I’ve heard about its bespoke features. To ensure that I’m getting the right one, can you share what kind of features do you think a TMS should have. And does anyone know how much it would typically cost?


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    I've used a software called 'Trello' before, its internet based so can be accessed anywhere and can also be used via mobile app.
    I would say its more a Project List/Planning software, however you can add people to projects and assign tasks (it emails the user to advise that a new task has been created for them to view, you can also add due dates)

    Maybe this software could also be used for training? - Great thing also... its free!

    I guess it depends on what system features & tools you may need from a training software.
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