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Hello, I am potentially looking at offering self employed services later in the year on a small scale accounts and tax production. Doing some research can any one advise please with Tax filer can you do journal entry for accounts production to get to TB stage? I am likely to produce working papers on excel ( for clients who don't have a system and I just produce annual accounts) how do you get to TB stage if not importing from a bookkeeping system? Is there a system that you can just do the middle bit for you surely this doesn't all have to be manual spreadsheets as would get time consuming?? Help would be much appreciated as


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    I use an ETB on excel, it gives me everything i need and journal can be added as a proper journal with a sumif function.
    If you have any problems send me your email and I'll send you a blank form.
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    If you wouldn't mind sending me the blank form my email is
    Much appreciated
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    hi, tax filer is great personal & ltd company tax & accounts preparation software for your accountancy practice. it enables upload of a TB, amending of a TB and live tb entry as well.
    it also has an online link to Xero, Quickbooks and Kashflow. If you do cloud bookkeeping.

    I have been preparing accounts and tax for 20 years and I find it very versatile for the money. the reporting tool Is great as well and the link to tax return is seamless.

    PM me if you need anymore personal tax or corporation tax preperation advice.

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