HMRC Agent services account

Hello everybody,

I have been trying to set up Agent Services account with HMRC for the last 2 months.

I sent a letter with all the required info to an address off the HMRC webite. I used this

It required information regarding my AML supervision which is the AAT, however, I only had an email confirming this is the case.

Sent the letter on 24/07, it got logged on my personal government gateway account as received. They quote 28 days for decision.
I had not heard anything, rang HMRC. There is not a direct phone number to Central Agent Maintainer Team so rang a random number and got told to resend it. I did that on 28/8.

Still have not heard anything! I'm getting a bit annoyed because I don't know what the delay. Did they not like what I sent? was it not enough, Are the short staffed because of Covid? I have to turn down work at the moment because I don't feel like I'm 100% up and running.

Has anyone got any recent experience of getting the registration? Any comments or tips would be very welcome.

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