AAT Level 2

Hi I'm looking to self study the level 2 AAT qualification and my plans are to buy books from osborne and book exams through Kaplan financial, just trying to work out the entire cost and I'm just wondering sort of how it all works haha as I plan to do both Level 3 and 4 also before moving onto ACCA. I don't currently work in a finance role (as I'll apply for jobs after L2/3) but I understand I'd need work experience before I could become an official AAT member (MAAT) so how does that work? How much work experience is required and is any required for levels 2 or 3?

Also an L2 specific question, there are 4 unit exams and a synoptic evaluation I gather but one of the modules on the syllabus is titled 'work effectively in finance' is this a non-assessed module, as in specific unit exam, but rather something that would help me in my synoptic evaluation?

Thank you
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