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Hi all,
recently I was given a client with 23 bank accounts (very from 1200 to 1252 in codes). Some of those accounts haven't been used since 2014 and I also can't add any account to current list. I tried 1201 for new business acc but system says it would not be included in balance sheets.
So my question is:
1. Should I remove the old accounts? And if yes, how to do it without loosing an old data?
2. How to add new account so is included in balance sheet

Cheers for any tips :)

I'm new to sage 50 btw so not so fluent with it at all!!


  • laddi2010
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    Hi Kate,

    You have to go to Nominal Codes and add a new account, even it says it would not be added in balance sheet carry on. Try using 1253 code, Once created, please go again in nominal codes and select
    1 chart of accounts from Top of menu
    2 New window with default layout of accounts will open
    3 select on edit from top of the page
    4 new window will open
    5 Click on balance sheet
    6 click on current assets
    7 In second column you will see bank & cash in hand
    8 In next to it in Low column add 1200 to 1255 High
    9 click save
    10 Add transaction in new created account
    Your account should now appear in balance sheet.

    You can run balance sheet report, it will show in their.

    Please note take BACK UP BEFORE doing any of it. If something goes wrong you will be able to restore it.

    Hope it helps.

    S K Punia Accountant
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