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MAAT Membership whilst still studying?

jmall99jmall99 Registered Posts: 2
Hi, I’m currently going to be sitting my last exam on 20/01/21 and my student membership is also up for renewal on 01/02/21.

I want to upgrade my membership to MAAT status once I’ve finished my exams.

I won’t get my last exam result until beginning of March. Would I have to wait until then to apply for MAAT? Also if I have to wait till March to apply would I then have to pay for MAAT fees ontop of the student membership fees i need to pay end of January?

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  • Pian32Pian32 MAAT Posts: 337
    Accepted Answer
    You can start applying and have almost everything sorted by the time your result comes through. (My MAAT certificate came through before my Level 4 one) but you can't get membership until all your results are in.

    There is a fee but if you've applied while studying from what I remember this is either reduced or £0.

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