Gaps in my PAYE knowledge

Please help me about gaps in my knowledge. This year I started to run payroll for clients. One of the client she is director of the company. I started his payroll from December 2020. And I run my first payroll for December 2020 and my software is still warning me to over due EPS submission. But my client does not have any statuary payment or does not claim employer allowance either. Also this submission for May 2020 I just start from December 2020. When I look EPS details surely it is all zeros. Do I need to contact ex-accountant to ask they are already submit? or Do I need to submit automatically from my software it but I do not want to notify HMRC my client is going to apply employer allowance? Or Should I ignore it from my software but also I dont want my client to get any penalty for being late. Please help me I add screen shoot of ITR.

Due Date Full Payment Submission (FPS) Employer Payment Summary (EPS) Status
30-Apr-2020 not filed
05-May-2020 claim NIC employment allowance = "no" due now
31-May-2020 not filed
31-Jun-2020 not filed
31-Jul-2020 not filed
31-Aug-2020 not filed
30-Sep-2020 not filed
31-Oct-2020 not filed
30-Nov-2020 not filed
31-Dec-2020 monthly paid employees for Dec-2020 filed on 01-Jan-2021
31-Jan-2021 monthly paid employees for Jan-2021 not due yet
28-Feb-2021 monthly paid employees for Feb-2021 not due yet
31-Mar-2021 monthly paid employees for Mar-2021 not due yet
05-Apr-2021 final declaration for the year not due yet

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