Sole director and shareholder of a company dies, what next?

Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some advice.

My dad was the sole director of a limited company but he sadly passed away last year. I informed Companies House of his passing and as the accounts have not been filed they are now going to strike off the company.
I have no interest in taking over as company director, the company has not been trading for many years and was running at a loss. I just want to close down the company. There are no assets remaining in the company but there is some money left in the companies business account.
My dad died interstate so did not leave a will, I am in the process of applying for a letter of administration and probate so I am aware it is quite difficult to do much at this point in time.
However, my question is, is there a way of removing the money from the business bank account without appointing myself as a director? I am happy for the company to be struck off but it seems a shame to leave this money to then go to the crown.

I found this thread from 2011 ( which is very helpful, at the end there is a response saying
'Remember when the company gets dissolved, all assets pass to the crown so if assets do exceed liabilities, you do want to get them out of there first : )'

Is there a way to remove this money without being appointed as a director and if so would would be the steps to go about this? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    The Company does have assets it has money in the bank, no you can not remove it as that would be theft!
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