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I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of advice. I've just started the course online and I'm about ready for the first exam. The nearest exam centre is quite far away and I have a small baby, so wanting to keep everything as efficient as possible. I'm thinking about studying for the bookkeeping controls module and doing both exams at the same time. Has anyone else done this? Am I likely to confuse myself? Thanks

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    I would judge it based on how you feel about the material. If you feel it's been relatively easy then there's no harm in starting the next module.

    What I would then do is two practice exams back to back and see if you're fine with separating the 2 out.

    I don't think this is too much of an issue with any set of exams as they tend to bulid on each other but I would be careful around exam nerves as you could end up feeling exhausted after the first exam if you tend to get nervous about them.
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    Currently prepping for bookkeeping controls exam so if you need a study buddy I’m here :)
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