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AparnaAparna Registered Posts: 4
Recently i have got MAAT Status. I have a break of 7 years and no UK experience. Sage 50 and Xero certified. WIth no experience in UK i am finding it difficult to find opportunities at the moment. Can anyone guide me on this? I cannot work for free as i have a child to look after and cannot afford his day care. Any help is much appreciated. If anyone come across any vacancy please let me know.


  • ChanaatChanaat Registered Posts: 36
    Hi Aparna,
    Congrats on achieving MAAT. I am also in the same situation. On a long career break and have overseas accounting experience, none in UK.
    May I ask you what was your work profile before you took career break?
    How long have you been trying to find a Job in UK after completing level 3?

  • AparnaAparna Registered Posts: 4
    Hi, i worked in a chartered accountant firm earlier for one and half year. Recently i registered forACCA and i have got 6 papers exemption. Straight away i have got MAAT. It's been a month . I got my MAAT on 10th feb. So i started Applying for jobs . And i did Sage 50 and Xero certifications in between.
  • ChanaatChanaat Registered Posts: 36
    @Aparna , Don't lose hope, it is just a month since you started applying for Jobs. Your profile looks positive. Keep applying. Wishing you lots of luck.
  • AparnaAparna Registered Posts: 4
    @Chanaat Thank you chan. I won't give up. Will keep trying until i suceed. How long you been searching for? Do you have prior experience?
  • ChanaatChanaat Registered Posts: 36
    I have four years of experience in AP in my home country. Tried applying for AP jobs from last year, no response so far. I am studying AAT level 3, hoping to find a job after course completion.
  • AparnaAparna Registered Posts: 4
    I am sure you will find after level 3 ,as you already have 4 yrs experience. Good luck chan !
  • ChanaatChanaat Registered Posts: 36
    Thanks Aparna.

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