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financial statements of limited companies exam

in this level 4 exam, you have tables such as 'profit before tax' and then a bunch of adjustments to be made below. there's also a table for money lost/gained from financing/investing activities. does the ORDER of these adjustments and additions matter in the exam?


  • Pian32Pian32 MAAT Posts: 378
    It doesn't matter to a huge degree. Generally grouping the additions and the deductions together is a good idea. But generally in these questions you'll get a mark (possibly half) for each entry regardless of the order. Then marks for the correct final answer.

    Make sure you include any mentioned items that wouldn't cause an adjustment as a £0 adjustment to show you know it's not included.

    If for example you have a 10 mark question with 8 items to consider it'll probably be 8 marks for the correct adjustments and 2 marks for the correct final figure.
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    thank you, and good luck with acca
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