i need to chat with a few people to help with mental health research what is affecting you most?

i would really like to chat with a few in the group to help with some mental health research i am conducting.
It will only take about 15 minutes and will help determine what types of stress, anxiety, fears or other issues we are facing.
Maybe due to clients, bosses, timescales, workloads, colleagues, exams, interviews, etc
its an informal confidential chat and doesn't require personal identification.
Can i count on a few people to help me please?


  • douglasstroud
    douglasstroud Registered Posts: 295 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I have no stress, anxiety, fears or any other issues so pointless talking to me
  • Sabz
    Sabz Registered Posts: 5
    I'm happy to help I've suffered with stress and anxiety :)
  • NigelEdwards
    NigelEdwards Registered Posts: 3
    Thankyou Sabz That is wonderful. I have sent you a message.
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