Continuity of Practice Cover

BRiley Registered Posts: 5
Hi Everyone,

I am a licensed member and have been running my own accountancy business for the last few years and recently I have had an influx of people wanting me to do their books for them. I need to put some Continuity Cover in place, i was wondering if anybody can help? I am happy to return the favour.

I am based in Essex and all my work is completed remotely.

Many thanks
Brittini :)


  • leeGrant77
    leeGrant77 Registered Posts: 29 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    Hi Brittani,
    I have had a similar situation so would be happy to discuss a few options with you.

    Message me back on here if you wish to chat through some ideas

  • BRiley
    BRiley Registered Posts: 5
    Hi Lee,

    Thank you for your message. It would be good to hear what options there are.

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