Going paperless

I wanted to get advise please on what process you use when it comes to invoices. Currently it is very antiquated and I want to change it, I receive invoices digitally and on a high level follow these steps: print off the invoice with email approval to pay, scan the invoices & approval to second set of authorisers who authorise on the on-line bank and then file hard copies in folders along with bank statements, schedules etc. ending up with 2 ring binders full of paper at the end of the year. I want to change this more so to save a small forest. The only reason i am reluctant to change is I can write on the invoices and know at what stage they are at, i.e. awaiting 1st approval, 2nd approval, processing in Sage to paid. I'm just worried if they are saved digitally it will almost feel out of site out of mind. Your feedback is most welcome!


  • Krisso
    Krisso MAAT, AATQB, AAT Licensed Bookkeeper Posts: 130 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐵 🌟
    We use Adobe dc pro. You can write on the invoices and get them digitally and manually signed off, there are a number of different stamps as well for invoices. Haven’t printed off an invoice since lockdown began.
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