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Failed 3 times now!!

KaraxKarax Registered, AAT Student Posts: 10
I passed all of the exams with flying colours but I found cash and treasury management so difficult.
I mean, I understand all the content and calculations but I failed 3 times now!!!!
Is it just me or is anyone else in the same boat? I pass all mock exams, green light test etc but keep failing


  • BiscuitBiscuit Registered Posts: 6
    @Karax I'm due to sit this one soon! In your AAT assessment results area, is the feedback download showing which questions you are failing in? It might show which areas need extra revision? I get the impression with this topic that not everything which is going to be assessed is covered in the course materials provided - I'm having to research subjects more in-depth; have you found this with this exam?
  • KaraxKarax Registered, AAT Student Posts: 10
    The first time I failed, all the questioned were met or exceeded, only one was below requirement and significantly below. I feel like 2.5 hrs is just not enough for me and not sure what approach to take this time. You are right, this topic requires quite lot of research. I am working with Osbourne and Kaplan textbooks and I can tell the difference between both. When is your exam scheduled for?
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