2021 New Accounting practice Which Software tools can you recommend and why?

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Hello Everyone!

I have recently received my MAAT status and I am thinking about offering some accounting services on the side while keeping my current job until it might become sustainable for me to fully concentrate on my private clients.

Currently, I have plenty of questions and I am doing a lot of research to be as prepared as possible in order to keep costs to a minimum and in order to get an as good as possible overview of all kinds of pitfalls, deadlines etc.

To date, after doing some research the best tools/ software to use would be the following:

Everyday Bookkeeping/ Accounting software = ???
Taxfiller - For accounts submission and Tax submissions including VAT submissions
12cloudpayroll.com = Free payroll software

please let me know if you would agree and if not, please tell me which alternative programs might be better to be used and why.

I am still looking for a free bookkeeping program for everyday accounting use or a desktop version with a one-off licence fee as these cloud software options are often handy and affordable at the beginning but can become costly longer term.
For your help and potential links to websites etc. I would be incredibly grateful.

Thanks a lot,

Kind regards

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