Own full-time practice - how to gain experience for CGT to be added to my licence?

Caspar1 Registered Posts: 29
Has anyone working in their own practice full time found a way to gain work experience so that they could add something new to their licence?

The few accountants I know, have stated they don't get CGT work very often, so I am lost as to how to gain enough experience in 6 months to prove myself enough to ask if it can be added?

If I have the opportunity of doing 'free' work for a new prospective client (who phones up for CGT) -which AAT have mentioned, if it was me, I wouldn't touch anyone with a barge pool offering to do work free because they are not licensed to do so, so I thought that one a bit of a dead end.


  • Caspar1
    Caspar1 Registered Posts: 29
    I have spoken with AAT today, and they have now let me know that I only need to provide the clients email for any CGT work I do free of charge over a 6 month period (with their permission of course), and they will email the clients and if they are happy, will add it to my license. So I will look for CGT work within my current client base if possible.
  • sandraj
    sandraj Registered Posts: 1
    That is reassuring to hear as I also wish to get more services on my licence in the future.
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